Flattening the Curve is Central Planning

It may be getting lost in the noise now, but there was a principle behind locking down most of the people (except those deemed “essential”). It was not to “fight” the coronavirus. The locker-downers conceded that everyone will be exposed to this virus sooner or later, anyways. They just wanted to *slow* the spread of the virus.

Got that? We are laying off millions (or tens of millions) of people, ruining hundreds of thousands of businesses, wiping out trillions in capital, impoverishing the people. Not to stop the virus. Just to SLOW it.

And why is slowing it so important that we cause this much harm to so many people? It is important, we are told, because the hospitals have too few beds. Worse, they are inflexible and unable to expand capacity due to shortages of everything from doctors to ventilators.

This harm is inflicted to manage demand at hospitals.

The reason why the health care industry is so brittle is the countless regulations that require permitting, licensure, Certificates of Need, armies of bureaucrats that can approval of anything. Such as the manufacturing of masks. It would not be exaggerating by much to say that everything which isn’t mandatory is prohibited.

In other words, the central planners have managed the supply at hospitals. And now their managed supply is insufficient, so they seek to manage the demand. Your job, your life savings, your business, your dreams and goals–are just collateral damage.

4 thoughts on “Flattening the Curve is Central Planning

  1. Andrew Davidson

    Totally correct. It’s exactly the same on the UK. Where we are NOT even short of hospital beds……. Granted this was not known early on. They think you can simply switch an economy off and then on again….. They are highly complex systems with gazillions of dependencies, not light bulbs. No you should ALWAYS sacrifice lives first. Sorry.

      1. Andrew Davidson

        What I was trying to day was that with only a few thousand more lives sacrificed you could have ruin the economy and not had to sacrifice those preventable deaths that are now being lost. The economy comes first.
        It for in a war…. OK different priorities, but it’s always kept running. What we have now is the worst of both world’s…. And a possible deflationary depression to follow. Ahmen, to that.

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