2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Ted Butler

  1. Thomas Yonker

    I have read some of Dr Fekete’s stuff and I understand some of it and some of it I don’t. You make some interesting comments in this letter. I have seen the effects of contango in the natural gas market(my business). Prior to 2008 the contango in the NG Market was huge. No one seemed to know what to make of it. After the market unwound it was revealed that a firm by the name of Amaranth was at the bottom of the high prices of gas at that time. JP Morgan was instrumental in destroying Amaranth, along with the gas price which has not really recovered since. That all happened on the comex, and had huge repercussions for many business people including myself. My convoluted point is not to put much past JP Morgan. They seem to have the market power, ability and scruples to be able to pull manipulations off when so inclined. Part of the manipulation argument is the midnight raids on the globex with very large sell orders that seem to have no purpose other than to drive the market.lower. Do you have any ideas concerning those?

  2. Thomas Yonker

    Congratulations on the Doctorate Degree from Antal Fekete, probably will be recognized in years to come as much more prestigious than a Harvard degree.


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